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 Digital Forenics

Digital Forensic

Calibre Consulting aims to be the leading supplier in Alberta, Canada to law enforcement agencies and forensic laboratories. We provides a wide range of forensic related products to suit your needs. Whether your organization is looking for a fingerprint brush or a high end spherical imaging system, check out our online product to shop. If product you are looking is not online..contact us.  We will get the product for you.

In addition to products, we also provide the following services:

Recover accidently deleted data from electronic devices…Yes you got it right.  We can help you recover your lost data from electronic devices.

  • Provide expert witness testimony: The majority of criminal investigations now involve some type of digital evidence: Computer forensic examinations were once only used by law enforcement agencies but are now also widely used by attorneys for business and employment litigation. Our professional digital forensics expert is qualified in the recovery, analysis and preservation of digital evidence and has experience in providing expert witness testimony.
  • Permanently Erase Data: Simply deleting data does not mean that it is gone forever. Your electronically stored may include files you would not want viewed or accessed by people outside of your business or home. When sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to a loss of business, property, or reputation and can leave you open to civil and/or criminal liability.

Permanent data erasure is necessary when disposing of used computers and hard drives, or when transferring a computer or device from one user to another.With the risk of personal identity theft, permanently deleting data should be a priority. Companies entrusted with private data must implement measures to safeguard their client’sInformation or they may be faced with costly lawsuits.

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