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Calibre Consulting is a software development company established in 2014 serving an impressive presence in Canada and U.S. We help clients streamline their processes, enhance productivity, eliminate spreadsheets and improve bottom line results. Moreover our team works in an agile manner and is able to engage well with our clients across the different stages of their software app development projects & Custom Software.

Calibre Consulting develops software that allows your company to access up-to-date, pertinent and protected information that enables leaders or customers to make better decisions faster and more effectively.

Calibre Consulting develops custom applications with a holistic approach to solving technology problems. We understand the interrelationships and technical aspects necessary for smooth operations, and at the same time bring new international talents with new ideas to the local community, enabling us to innovate as new technologies emerge.

Our capability to analyze current software and market trends, in conjunction with the competence and experience of our team of business analysts and developers allows us to conceive new, impactful strategies that transform Calibre Consulting into a powerful asset when bringing your ideas into fruition.

At Calibre Consulting we believe that fast and effective communication is an essential piece to a meaningful experience with our partners. Building trust and rapport over time sets us in our client’s mindset, which in turn allows us to truly shape the solutions we create in alignment with their goals


Calibre Consulting as a Software Development Company seeks to create and promote Custom Software Projects ideas that streamline business processes, improving the productivity of our clients.


Make every effort count towards success by enabling enterprises to leverage technology for business growth and success.


We believe in transparent ethical culture which will help each one of the us to achieve our vision through

  • Respect and Honor: Treat everyone with respect and honor.
  • Learning and adapting: Continuous learning and adapting keeps us in hunt
  • Integrity: Integrity towards our stakeholders in our moto.
  • Transparent ethical culture which will help each one of us to achieve our vision through
    • Respect and Honor: Treat everyone with respect and honor.
    • Learning and adapting: Continuous learning and adapting keeps us in hunt.
    • Integrity: Integrity towards our stakeholders is our motto.
Professional Development


We foster an environment that is conducive to the professional development of every team member. There are always things to learn from our clients and other team members, and we actively look for opportunities to inspire such learnings.

Calibre offers multiple career tracks and, over the years, our team members have discovered and pursued new passions, branched out in terms of their role, and grown tremendously as professionals.


We strive to hire the absolute best people. As a services organization, we firmly believe that it is the single most important reason for all the success the company has achieved to-date.

The company encourages career growth along multiple tracks.

Project Management

For team members who enjoy client interaction and bring discipline to complex situations and projects.

Technical/ Engineering

For the geniuses who thrive on solving technical puzzles and have a passion for engineering ambitious software systems.

Quality Assurance

For people with a razor-sharp eye and a knack for spotting imperfections in software systems.


For the evangelists who have a passion for telling compelling stories to the world that resonate with our clients.

Calibre is an equal opportunity employer and strives for inclusion and diversity in the workplace.