May 29, 2018

Custom Software is built with your business’ specific needs in mind. It is more cost effective when compared to the cost of reorganizing your business to meet off-the-shelf software processes. In addition, Custom Software enables better analysis and reporting which improves employee satisfaction. There is no cost for licensing and Custom Software enhancements are easy to implement as business changes process.

We know off-the-shelf software’s are great but they come with limitations and unreasonable licensing cost.

Furthermore Off-the-shelf software’s may hinder business growth by:

  • forcing you to adjust your process to work within its limitations, frustrating employees leading to employee dis-satisfaction.
  • increasing costs due to new revisions and upgrades.
  • limiting integration with other financial accounting and other business software’s due to cost and vendor lag time.
  • requiring in house staff for immediate support and maintenance.

Calibre Consultants will work with you through the complete software development lifecycle. Our custom software design and development team will provide you with a quality product that not only utilizes leading edge technology but one that also meets your business requirements.


Do you need simple Website or Ecommerce Site… Or Online Mobile App

Your corporate website is often your customer’s first impression of your company. A professional website, both aesthetically and functionally, is an extremely effective marketing tool for your current and new customers. Our knowledgeable and experienced web development team can help you achieve a superior internet presence.


As business grows, your message, your products and your services may change.

So your website should be updated regularly to communicate these changes to your customers. We design websites keeping our customer growth needs in mind which allows them update content on regular basis on existing pages. For more extensive updates, we provide Additional Services and Additional Features at a standard hourly rate or at a discounted hourly rate as part of a Support & Updates package.

Website Promotion

You need to promote your website just like you promote the rest of your business so customers can find you, learn what you offer and buy from you. Online Promotion is becoming more important as our younger generation is so much relying on the internet world. We believe when budgeting money on promotion and advertising in traditional media, companies should also start to allocate money for internet marketing to produce good results.

Calibre Consulting has a focused, proven Website Promotion Process to generate business for you. Effective website promotion requires skillful setup and ongoing monthly monitoring, reporting and optimization to bring more visitors to your website. We present your company brand, products and services in front of customers searching and looking to buy.