Exciting news for Importers / Exporters

Calibre Consulting has been asked to sponsor the BizXCanada Awards and of course we said yes!

What are the BizXCanada Awards?

The BizXCanada Awards is the first year of nominations to win Canada’s Best Importers/Exporters and if nominated proceeding on to the North American BizXAmerica Awards in Nashville in February.

Organized by Nine Business Group a business consulting company in Calgary, and overall hosted by Action Coach.

This award will be focusing primarily on import/export companies who have been recognized in and around Alberta, with a Canadian awards presentation scheduled for the end of January, and if selected proceeding onto the international scale in Nashville in February.

How do you know if you’ve been nominated?

Over the next two weeks, Calibre Consulting will be sending a letter for nominations. If you want to get ahead of the game and think you deserve to be nominated, navigate to the page here, and fill out your application.

What is the Criteria to Win?

The criteria to win this award will depend on a few components, whether you are 30 employees or 300 employees the criteria is not based on size. You will need to support two business references, and a brief description as to why you feel you are eligible to win this award.

  1. Over 20 Employees
  2. Successful business references
  3. MRP initiatives and forecasting abilities, how automated is your business?
  4. Company operations including Warehouse processes (import/export), HR, IT, Accounting, etc.
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