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About Calibre Consulting

A Team of Designers, Developers, and Innovators.

Calibre Consulting is a leading Custom Software Development Company specializing in the creation, advancement, and maintenance of mobile and web software solutions for our esteemed clients. Our unwavering dedication to enhancing user experiences extends well beyond the realms of mobile and web development; it encompasses service integration and strategic expertise.

We firmly believe that exceptional software begins with a meticulously crafted user interface. To uphold this belief, we’ve assembled an in-house team comprising skilled programmers and UI experts who possess an innate understanding of end-users’ requirements. At Calibre Consulting, we consider rapid and effective communication as a cornerstone of meaningful partnerships with our clients. Cultivating trust and rapport over time enables us to immerse ourselves in our clients’ perspectives, ultimately empowering us to craft solutions that seamlessly align with your unique objectives


From IT strategy consulting and comprehensive technology roadmaps to the end-to-end development of scalable solutions, Calibre Consulting delivers a full-cycle software development services that adapt seamlessly to your project requirements and business needs.

Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile Apps are built with your business’s specific needs in mind.

Custom Web App Development

We deliver custom web-based applications for companies at every stage of growth, tailored to specific needs enabling better analysis and reporting maximizing employee satisfaction.

E-Commerce Development

We can help you develop a website for your business and keep it up-to-date as your needs evolve so you can maximize traffic and convert more viewers to clients.

Software Integration

If you are using third party software and spending time extracting data to merge, we can evaluate to see if we can create integration to remove manual process.

Business Automation (BPA)

Business Process Automation streamlines, optimizes and automates key processes and reduces labor costs by making business processes faster and leverages current IT assets and applications to reduce errors.

IT Project Management

From project kick-off to deployment and post-launch evaluation we ensure the goals for your IT project are met.

Customized Training

Keep your workforce up-to-date by identifying required software training and certifications, and customized training that fits your companies needs. We specialize in Computer Forensics training and have partnered with Infosec Institute, Paraben, and Guidance Software to allow your business local access.

Office 365 Licenses

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service that includes all of the apps you know and love; Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher. It is automatically updated so you always work with the latest version.

Optimize your business operations through the creation of a personalized software solution.

Harness the Power of Technology Solutions! Our seasoned team is ready to collaborate on a diverse range of software projects tailored to streamline your business operations, precisely to your specifications

      Why Customer Relationship Management?

  1. Centralized Customer Data: CRM systems allow your business to consolidate customer data into one centralized location. This includes contact information, purchase history, communication history, preferences, and any other relevant details.

  2. Improved Customer Relationships: With CRM, your business can better manage interactions with customers throughout their journey, from initial contact to post-sale support.

  3. Enhanced Communication: CRM systems include features like email integration, task management, and scheduling tools, making it easier for teams to communicate internally and externally with customers.

  4. Streamlined Sales Process: CRM systems can automate various sales processes, such as lead management, opportunity tracking, and sales forecasting. By providing insights into the sales pipeline and automating routine tasks, CRM helps your sales teams focus on high-value activities and improves overall efficiency.

  5. Data Analysis and Insights: CRM systems generate valuable insights through reporting and analytics functionalities. Your business can analyze customer behavior, track trends, measure performance metrics, and identify areas for improvement.

  6. Scalability and Flexibility: CRM systems are scalable and adaptable to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, CRM can be customized to align with your specific requirements and grow alongside your business.

  7. Competitive Advantage: In today’s competitive landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences is crucial for success. A well-implemented CRM strategy can give your business a competitive edge by allowing it to deliver personalized, timely, and consistent experiences that differentiate it from its competitors.

Your Steps to Success

A simple process you can count on one hand!

By breaking down your project into five, meaningful steps, we find the right solution for your business needs every time.

Industry Experience

Our team is specialized in a wide array of industry verticals





Property Management

Finance & Fintech



What Clients say about us

The work far exceeded expectations, helping the client optimize their service and alleviate pain points in the process. Calibre Consulting remains dedicated to fine-tuning the product and provides quick, efficient support. They have cost-effective services that result in quality work.
Steven Hicks
Founder, Simple Success Fitness
Proposal drafting- and signing- times plummeted as a result of the newly developed program. The Calibre Consulting team provided excellent service, demonstrating knowledge, flexibility, and care for their client throughout the project.
Scott Remillard
Owner & Operator, Refreshing Painters
Communicating clearly from the start, Calibre Consulting’s expert team inspired confidence throughout the project. The team corrected bugs quickly. Their responsiveness and ability to turn constructive feedback into implementable, on-budget deliverables were hallmarks of their work.
Gerald Paul
Co-Owner, Brige
Kuljeet asked me for detailed instructions on what I would like to put in place. Because I am one of those who believe that it is bad to micromanage others in their area of specialization, I insisted that I would prefer that she use her professional judgment for my work. And whoa, I was right! Kuljeet came out with an amazing and brilliant website! I love it and there is no way in my imagination, I would have given her an instruction that would have achieved the same result. Thank you, Kuljeet.
Imma Dike-Shittu
CEO Beacon Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

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