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Since 2014, Calibre has been an active contributor to the exponential growth and technological advancements that have come about in the Finance and Fintech industry.

Our team of expert software developers has worked on multiple software products for a vast number of financial organizations. Our products have not only enabled organizations to achieve operational efficiency but also provided them with a real opportunity at technological growth and progress.

We will work with you so you can adapt to the changes that are yet to come across the financial industry, and make your mark in the fintech landscape.

a world of new opportunities

Over the last ten years or so, the financial sector has been completely revolutionized.
Open Banking and the EFT have led financial institutions towards great progress. Third-party APIs and applications have provided customers with holistic solutions for their financial needs. Increased competition has motivated financial institutions towards better deals on the provision of loans and other financial services, P2P lending, and improved customer experience, especially for the underserved fraction of the population. Concerns regarding compliance of both local and international financial regulations have also risen.
E-payments and cashless transactions are now mainstream. They are not only convenient for customers but also offer some relief to businesses, who can cut down on payment processing costs. Ensuring the safety and security involved in these transactions has become a top priority. Data protection and privacy is a hot topic amongst industry professionals and clients, especially with the rapid adoption of distributed ledger technologies such as Blockchain.

The best part about the evolution of the finance industry is that newer, more innovative technologies are surfacing. Startups and small businesses have a chance to build upon their revolutionary ideas for the benefit of the industry and its clients.

If you have an innovative idea that will change the face of financial transactions, we’d love to hear it!

our offerings

The work of a financial organisation encompasses a wide variety of operations and processes. In order to successfully achieve all your goals, you need to stay in sync with the rapid changes in technology. And that is where we come in.

Calibre has a dedicated team of developers who are highly experienced in the development, testing, and maintenance of sophisticated software solutions designed especially for organisations operating in the finance sector. We provide a multitude of services to client companies of all sizes belonging to various sub-sectors of the industry.

On top of that, we also cater to startups looking to bridge a gap in the finance sector by providing them with a means to revolutionise the industry with their disruptive innovations.

We have successfully designed, developed, and implemented the following systems across a number of financial institutions and organisations:

Bespoke Web Applications

Mobile Applications

Legacy System Integration

App Support & Maintenance

Your required financial solution may take the shape of a web app or mobile app, depending on your requirements.

Apart from software development, our team also possesses the perfect skill set for legacy system upgradation and integration. And what happens if your organization faces some difficulty operating the new software? Or did your users run into some minor bug? You can always rely on us to solve your problems and deliver what we promise!

Our support team is available to our customers via their preferred channel of communication at all hours of the day.

Why calibre

Perfect combination of technical skill and academic domain knowledge

Our development team consists of members who are not only skilled in development-related activities but are also aware of the latest developments in the educational sphere. They will understand your specific requirements and make sure they are perfectly translated into the perfect education software that fits your needs.

Safe and secure payment gateway integrations

Providing support for safe and secure facilitating financial transactions is a critical component of financial application software, and our developers make sure to provide the right payment gateway integrations.

Developing software in accordance with financial laws

We understand how important it is for financial institutions to meet the laws laid out in dominant financial regulations. Our software will ensure that you are in compliance with all rules applicable to your organisation.

Are you a nascent startup in search of a development partner to bring your brilliant fintech idea to life, or a financial institution looking to enhance operational efficiency via technological evolution?

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what our clients say

Calibre Consulting developed a web app for an online fitness coaching company looking to simplify their process. Their work surpassed my expectations; the software looks great and runs well.
They designed, developed, and workshopped a project-proposal writing tool for a painting company. They have shown much patience and creativity in keeping the project moving.
Calibre Consulting built a multimodal system that automates manual processes like data entry, estimates & invoicing. They work fast using established programming methodologies & don’t waste time.

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