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Since 2014, leading healthcare Industry and patient care providers have partnered with Calibre to enhance healthcare and patient experience with cutting-edge software solutions.

Our team of expert software developers can develop digital solutions that streamline operations, efficiently manage health records, and increase patients’ accessibility to medical professionals. Our products have not only enabled healthcare organizations to achieve efficiency but also provided them with the right tools to manage health information.

We will work with you so you can adapt to these changes and make your mark in the healthcare domain.

custom software solutions for the stakeholders of the healthcare industry

Healthcare Organizations

We develop bespoke mobile and web-based systems that offer solutions for the technological challenges faced by the healthcare systems.

Public & Private Hospitals

Custom branded applications architectured to suit the hospital’s specific workflows and needs. Be it a multipurpose hospital software or a solution aimed for specific departments, tasks, or user types.

Clinics & Laboratories

Custom software to efficiently manage and automate the processes of clinical systems, laboratories, and testing centers.

Assisted Living Facilities

Smart solutions to manage the assisted living facilities – improving the quality of patient care, handling staff workflows and reducing administrative costs.

Personal Healthcare

Wide-ranging web and mobile solutions to manage and monitor mental wellbeing, physical activity levels and fitness of individuals.

We also cater to startups and independent organizations looking to launch innovative software products for the healthcare industry.

Have a ground-breaking mobile or web app idea to improve the quality of patient and personal healthcare? Or perhaps an idea for an innovative medical device that can save lives?

You can leverage our decades-long experience of healthcare IT consulting and development to bring your ideas to life. Reach out to us with your project requirements and learn more about the customised software development services we can deliver for you.

our offerings

From the enormous information being created by electronic health records to the patients’ desire to have ready access to that information, healthcare is rapidly moving towards a digital environment where empowering the healthcare system with advanced tech solutions is a necessity.

Here’s how Calibre is innovating solutions for healthcare

Software for Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)

Software solutions facilitating patients to avail discounts and free treatments, and healthcare providers to streamline patient registration requests and claims to discounts.

Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR)

In a collaborative effort, we plan out the phases of development keeping in view your priorities. The plan invariably has provisions to collect and account for feedback from users of the app and other stakeholders in your company.

Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS)

Custom-built software to automate the operations of laboratories, from test ordering, sample management, lab instrument application, and database management.

Patient Flow Management Systems

Web and mobile-based applications to efficiently organize patient queues, healthcare staff and resources - so that patients receive the right care at the right time, with ease.

Custom Telemedicine Solutions

Software solutions integrated with digital devices, video-conferencing features, medical imaging viewer and other capabilities to provide remote healthcare services.

Chronic Disease Management System (CDMS)

Power software for monitoring and assisting the treatment of chronic illnesses with features including consolidated EHR databases, easy patient engagement, reporting, data analysis, and more.

Healthcare Device Software and SaMD

We develop Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), client and server-side software for medical devices, as well as maintenance software for devices to meet your specific requirements.

Personal Health and Fitness Application

Web and mobile solutions aimed to make personal healthcare easier. From personalised medication apps to mental health, fitness and physical health tracking software for individuals.


Leverage our software development experience to turn your innovative healthcare app ideas into powerful software.

why choose calibre?


Knowledge of the Healthcare Domain

With our diverse technology stack and our team’s exceptional understanding of the healthcare domain, be assured about our ability to perfectly translate your requirements into feature-rich software products.

On Time & Budget

We have a time-tested agile process that will deliver your web portal project quickly and efficiently.

Scalable Architecture

Comprehensive user-oriented functionalities and robust architecture to serve a large number of users.

Multi-device Support

Multi-device support allows your users (whether doctors, patients, or healthcare staff) to access the application on different devices.

Human-Centred Approach for Development & Design

When developing a healthcare solution we prioritise user-experience by building functionalities and designing UI/UX that delivers outstanding and trouble-free experience to medical care providers and patients.

Compliance with the Standards of the Healthcare Industry

Our engineers are well-versed in developing GDPR, HIPAA, DPA, and PIPEDA compliant software products. We build fully-secured custom solutions that are designed to keep the users’ data secure and confidential.

what our clients say

Calibre Consulting developed a web app for an online fitness coaching company looking to simplify their process. Their work surpassed my expectations; the software looks great and runs well.
They designed, developed, and workshopped a project-proposal writing tool for a painting company. They have shown much patience and creativity in keeping the project moving.
Calibre Consulting built a multimodal system that automates manual processes like data entry, estimates & invoicing. They work fast using established programming methodologies & don’t waste time.

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