The power, energy, and utility sectors have become technologically advanced to the point that generic software solutions are no longer able to fulfill their unique set of requirements.

Since the beginning of its operations, Calibre has been actively assisting organizations in the utility sector to gain stability and smooth ride the technological wave. With newer technology, there are newer concerns regarding:

  • Asset management and tracking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Health and safety
  • Disaster management and control
  • Regulatory compliance
among many others, the latest being the production and distribution of ‘clean energy.’

the utilities industry is growing - fast

There are a plethora of tasks that need to be perfectly achieved in order to keep utility companies afloat, let alone comfortably profitable. Over the last few years, there have been drastic technological changes that have made way for a lot of progress in the utility industry. Calibre has helped its clients stay in sync with these changes so that they continue to grow and prosper.

Given the asset-intensive nature of the utility industry, Calibre understands how difficult it can get for utility companies to manage and track their assets. With the evolution of the IoT (Internet-of-Things), it is becoming increasingly crucial for organizations to keep a close eye on their company assets and the data that needs to be consistently collected from them.

There is also a lot of talk about the effects that climate change has had on the planet and the ones that are yet to come. As a result, power and energy companies have been eyeing a shift towards green energy, which requires major changes in resource management processes and other day-to-day operations.

There are now talks of companies investing in Electric Vehicles (EVs), Smart City programs, distributed energy generation, blockchain technology, and much more!

Calibre is here to help utility companies achieve growth via investment in new business models, expanding their horizons, and opening doors to new possibilities.

our offerings

Calibre offers products with not only specific features that are a must-have for companies in the utility industry but also incorporates many other features that our clients especially demand.

Here are some features that we have provided to our clients as part of our successfully launched software products:

Bespoke Web Applications

User-Friendly Mobile Applications

Legacy System Integration

App Support & Maintenance

why collaborate with calibre?

Stay competitive – cut costs, improve performance!

With the latest technological advancements in the utility industry, the newcomers are giving the old-timers a run for their money. Our robust software solutions will help you stay in the game! Cut costs, improve your customer support experience, and deliver quality services with the latest cutting-edge technologies!

Maximize the security of ALL of your resources

With our flawless software solutions, you can ensure the safety and security of all your assets, both tangible and intangible! While you monitor the performance of your tangible assets, our developers ensure that the information collected from your data-intensive apps stays safe yet accessible on the cloud.

Follow industry-wide legislation and meet the benchmarks of excellence

Calibre’s development team understands the care that needs to be taken when it comes to companies operating in the utility sector. The software solutions that we develop are in line with industry best practices and follow the latest regulatory frameworks.

Looking for a software partner who will understand the complexities that your company faces as a part of the utilities sector? We will cater to your unique requirements and live up to your expectations.

Technologies we use



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.NET Core

.NET Framework










Spring/Spring boot













Content Management Systems (CMS)/E-commerce





what our clients say

Calibre Consulting developed a web app for an online fitness coaching company looking to simplify their process. Their work surpassed my expectations; the software looks great and runs well.
They designed, developed, and workshopped a project-proposal writing tool for a painting company. They have shown much patience and creativity in keeping the project moving.
Calibre Consulting built a multimodal system that automates manual processes like data entry, estimates & invoicing. They work fast using established programming methodologies & don’t waste time.

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