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Calibre greatly values its customers and ensures to fulfil all their software related needs. For every project we undertake, whether it is a mobile app or a web-based one, we accompany our customers to the very end of the journey. Once the development phase is complete and the product is finalized, we help you launch it. But that is not where it ends.

For a fair additional cost, you can avail our annual application maintenance and support services. Our expert team stays by your side for any further support that the users may need. Our application maintenance services also cover legacy systems.

what are your options for application support services?

We have varying levels of support plans available for our clients. Our application maintenance and support team is always on standby, ready to address any concerns raised by the users at any moment. Our team members will work with you until you are thoroughly satisfied with the resolution of your problems.

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Email Assistance

Online Ticketing System

what do your application maintenance and support services cover?


Post-Launch Support

Just launched your new software project? Let us handle any problems you encounter after the project has been implemented.


If you ever get stuck, we will go through your system and check it thoroughly to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it.

Contingency Plans

We will come up with application maintenance and support strategies to avoid certain accidents, and tell you what to do in case of any unforeseen mishaps.

Prompt Fixing of Errors/Bugs

If you ever come across a bug or error in the system, our dedicated application support services team will fix it so you can have a smooth experience.

Approachable Helpline Team

Our helpful team members are always at your disposal to address your issues and sort out any problems.

Updates to the App

If you are bored of your system or feel that some additional module is required, our application maintenance services team will take care of it.

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