Software as a Service (SaaS)

We can help you develop and successfully launch web-based applications that you can offer to your customers on a subscription basis. Such web application development projects require a carefully designed multi-tenant software architecture which ensures that you, as the product owner, don’t ever have to worry about data privacy and security compliance, and data from across your customer organizations is never, ever overlapped. In case your application needs mobile-based front ends, our team has deep expertise in building mobile apps for such requirements.

As a top tier web application development company, we can help you with product engineering, security design, release planning, license and subscription management, and everything else you need to keep your SaaS offering up and running and serving as a revenue source for you.

Product Engineering

Product engineering and architecture experience that achieves flexible, easy-to-use, and secure software.

Security Design

SaaS offerings can take various forms such as a mobile app, web app, and desktop app.

Release Planning

We deploy and manage your software so there is no need to invest in expensive server hardware or hosting skills.

License Management

The software that you pay us to build is owned by you. There is no licensing fee.