Canada Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP)  

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) can assist in getting your business online, expanding your online presence, or digitalizing your company’s processes as Canadian consumers move online at a rapid rate.

The Grow Your Business Online program is made to assist small businesses in utilizing e-commerce advantages and expanding their online consumer base.


  • At least 1 employee OR at least $30K in revenue for recent tax year.
    • Commits to the digital adoption strategy for 6 months.
    • NOT a chain/franchise or Multi Level Marketing
    • NOT a real estate brokerage
    • NOT an online reselling/drop-shipping relying on 3rd party suppliers
    • NOT a wholesale/distribution business and manufacturer (unless selling directly to consumers)


  • Has between 1-499 full time employee
  • $500K in revenue for one of previous three tax years
  • Is privately owned business
  • Sole Proprietor OR Incorporated
  • Click on apply button to get more details of eligibility
Plus up to $50K-$100k loan Interest Free for 5 year term and hire an employee with subsidy