Employee Benefit Calculator

The purpose of the Employee Benefit Calculator is to provide a report with an easy to understand graph that demonstrates total salary, total benefits and overall compensation to prospective employees. It also allows them to make an informed decision in terms of accepting employment, which in turn provides a competitive advantage to our customers. This system has a huge impact on the hiring process and comes with the following functionalities:
  • Get excel template: is meant for downloading an empty Excel file that is used to import bulk data.
  • Import data from excel: the ability to import the file generated above with the supplied data.
  • Open MSC Group: opens the form to manually enter employee salary and benefit data.
  • Print All: ability to print a report containing the salary, benefits and total compensation for all the employees in the database.
  • Admin Functions: allows Administrators to enter/modify standard rates for employee benefit calculations

Technologies used: Microsoft Access and Excel

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