Matex Drilling Fluids Mobile App

Matex is a manufacturer of high-performance drilling fluid systems for over 25 years. Their products are used internationally, having a global network of distributors warehousing their products in North America, South America, Australia, Western and Southern Africa, South East Asia, Mongolia, Scandinavia, U.K., Turkey, and Russia. One of their previous user engagement strategies was to use paper booklets that would describe their products, as well as include mixing instructions in three different languages.

We were able to help them design a mobile app that allows their customers to access their product information and mixing instructions. Their customers now have the option to see the instructions in different languages, as well as the charts and checklists that were previously not available digitally. The mobile app is publicly available on Google Play Store and does not require log-in or an internet connection after download, which makes it easier for their customers to access the product mixing instructions while out in the field in scenarios where internet connection may be limited.

Technologies used: React Native

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