Novus Global Assessment Creation Tool

For over a decade, founder Jason Jaggard and his friends have been obsessed with investing in executives, teams, and communities across the world who want to explore the power of coaching to create unrivaled success in business and in life. In 2010, while he was a professor at Pepperdine University, Jason’s life was radically changed by hiring a coach, starting his first company, and writing his first book.

The results from that experience created a deep belief in the benefits of coaching and inspired Jason to found Novus Global. Novus Global has become an elite and rapidly-growing international coaching firm for leaders at the forefront of business, athletics, government, and entertainment.

Novus Global’s vision is for every person in the world to have a world-class coach who challenges them to go beyond high performance. Currently, the firm has over 400 clients in 8 countries.

Technologies used: ReactsJS (front-end), .NET (back-end), PostgreSQL (database).

Design: ReactsJS.

Testing: User experience testing.