Depot Express- progressive mobile app

Depot Express is a progressive web application (PWA) designed to allow bottle depot clients to have their bottles picked up in the comfort of their own homes. The app also allows depot admins to connect with those clients to provide their services. 

The solution has five main applications: Admin App, Client App, Driver App, Kiosk App, and Employee App. All of them are connected to the same API that controls all the applications.

  • Admin App: This allows two types of users, System Admins, and Depot Admins. The System Admin has full control over the app, all the accounts from the other apps, and some extra functionalities that will be described in depth later in this document. The Depot Admin has control over all of their depot information and driver, kiosk, and employee accounts.
  • Client App: This allows three types of users to register themselves to the app, Residential, Commercial, and Charity. Each of the users has the same capability of scheduling pickups, checking drop-off locations, and administering their account information; Due to the performance issue,  the client ended up re-developing this app using React Native through another vendor. 
  • Driver App: Allows depot drivers to do the pickups that were scheduled on that day for their depot. Driver users are created by depot admins that also set their weekly schedules.
  • Kiosk App: Allows depots to have a kiosk totems inside their facilities for their clients, that are registered to the Client App, to make their drop-off orders through the app. Each depot has one kiosk user that is the same for all their kiosk totems.
  • Employee App: Allows depot employees to count bottles and cans of the orders that were dropped off at the depot by clients or drivers. This app calculates the total amount of refund for the client and completes the orders.

Technologies used: ReactsJS (front-end), .NET (back-end), PostgreSQL (database).

Design: ReactsJS.

Testing: User experience testing.

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