Instant Refer - SaaS Web Application

Instant Refer is a simple and easy-to-use subscription-based SaaS Web Application built for small business owners to provide the following functionalities in regard to referrals that they have sent or received. 

  • Allows our Registered members to Send Referrals to the trusted member(s)
  • Sender has visibility to the Referral status that they have sent
  • Referral Receiver
    • can change the status of the referral. We have built the process allowing you to change the status from Not contacted yet to complete as they move along with different stages of the referral. 
    • can record the dollar value they have received from the referral.  
    • can also add and update comments for the referral .
  • Allows you to create your own connection list.
  • Allows you to track and record Member to Member meetings.

Technologies used: ReactsJS (front-end), .NET (back-end), SQL (database).

Design: ReactsJS.

Testing: User experience testing.

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